Lilly Lulay
*1985, Frankfurt, Germany

contact: info(at)

current research
"The media with which we produce and consume the most images today is the smartphone. It is an interface or a junction between the private and the public sphere. The world comes to us through our screens and we show ourselves to the world via this digital frame. Yet as we interact with our touchscreens we never physically get in touch with the objects, places and people that we perceive. In order to point on this discrepancy my photographic works combine objects with various material and haptic qualities that trigger the lust to touch and invite the beholder to approach. Based on photographs from private living spaces and social network accounts I create fragmentary, semi-transparent and double sided images which address questions of (in)visibility and (in)transparency in contemporary culture." ( see: Our Writing Tools Take Part in The Forming of Our Thoughts / Digital Dust / How to Get in Touch)

short bio
Born 1985 in Frankfurt, Lilly Lulay studied photography, sculpture and media sociology in Germany and France. Her works examine photography as a cultural tool that forms an integral part of daily life. Perfectly aware of todays overproduction of images Lulay uses photographs solely as a raw material. Applying a variety of techniques, that range from laser cutting to embroidery, from installation to collage Lilly Lulay turns photographs info palpable objects. With her work she investigates on the influence that photographic media have (had) on social behavior and mechanisms of individual and collective perception.

In 2012 Lilly Lulay received the Deutsche Börse-HfG photography prize, in 2013 the Künstlerhilfe Frankfurt working stipend. After her diploma in 2015 she did residencies in Istanbul, Hendaye and Santiago de Chile. 2017 she won the Olympus recommended fellowship in cooperation with Foam Amsterdam, Deichtorhallen Hamburg and Fotografie Forum Frankfurt. Lulay's works have been shown at Benaki Museum Athens, Goethe Institut Paris, Museum für Konkrete Kunst Ingolstadt, George Eastman Museum Rochester NY, Fondazione Fotografia di Modena, Visual Voice Gallery Montreal, and Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Frankfurt among other venues. Her works form part of public collections such as George Eastman Museum, Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation, Art Collection DZ Bank and Artothèque's in Pessac, Peau and Limoge.


Exhibitions group / solo (selection)

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Open House, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff fellowship finalists, Alte Münze Berlin

Art Brussels, Kuckei+ Kuckei, Brussels

Out of Office II, Städtische Galerie, Bietigheim-Bissingen

Videoformes 2018, Maison de la Culture, Clermont-Ferrand

Fragments of Belief, Kuckei+ Kuckei, Berlin

L'Artothèque et le FRAC au Musée, Guéret


Studio Visit, Die Ecke Haus residency, Santiago de Chile (solo)

Art Miami, Kuckei+Kuckei, Miami

basis.aperçu, Goethe Institut, Paris

COLLAGE I - Methode, Fotogalerie, Wien

Athens Photo Festival, Benaki Museum, Athens

Out of Office, MKK Museum für Konkrete Kunst, Ingolstadt

La photographie contemporaine allemande, Goethe Institut, Bordeaux

Triple Chance, korrekt, Frankfurt

Even my mum can make a book #6, Corridor Project Space, Amsterdam

Arco, gallery Kuckei+Kuckei, Madrid

Belong anywhere, Acud, Berlin

Plat(t)form 2017, Fotomuseum Winterthur


A Matter of Memory, George Eastman Museum, Rochester NY

IEPA#1, Basis, Frankfurt (with Béranger Laymond, duo)

Delving into visual strata, gallery Kuckei + Kuckei, Berlin (solo)

Second Hands, gallery binôme, Paris

Persistance, la MIX, Mourenx

Recomposing the city, galerie du Second jeudi, Bayonne (solo)

Circulation(s), festival of young european photography, 104, Paris

Upload Yourself, Warte für Kunst, Kassel (solo)

À Dessein, gallery binôme, Paris

Alptraum, RAE space for contemporary art, Berlin

Collect, Structure & Map, Basis project space, Frankfurt (solo)


Fotografia Contemporanea dall’Europa nord-occidentale,
Fondazione Fotografia Modena

Interdisciplinary, Galeri/MIZ, Istanbul

Reframe Memory, Benaki Museum, Athens

RAY 2015, OFFM public art panels, Frankfurt

Alptraum (Nightmare),Visual Voice Gallery, Montreal

Amigdala, Tart gallery, Zürich


Indistance, gallery Kuckei & Kuckei, Berlin (solo)

Nouvelles Aquisitions, Artothèque de Pessac

FdJT, curated by Roos Gortzak, Offenbach

Unseen Amsterdam, gallery Kuckei + Kuckei, Amsterdam

Even my mom can make a book 4#, Project Room, Berlin

Les dérivés de la photographie, Artothèque de Pessac/Frac Aquitaine


House of Vetti, gallery Koenig and Clinton, New York

Paris Photo, gallery Kuckei + Kuckei, Paris

Lichtbilder, Stiftung Opelvillen, Rüsselsheim (solo)

Morceaux Choisis, gallery Ilka Bree, Bordeaux (solo)

All Hands Manöver, Kunstverein Speyer

Ausgezeichnet, Art Collection Deutsche Börse, Eschborn


Cartes Postales d´Artistes, Goethe Institut Lyon

Rethinking Reality, gallery Kuckei + Kuckei, Berlin

Spieglein, Spieglein, collaboration HfG OF / Goethe University Frankfurt

ein Durchgang, RAY Fotografieprojekte Rhein Main, Frankfurt

Traces to find-Things to explore, FAK, Münster (with Magalie Levebvre, duo)

Überqualifiziertes Material, Zeitraum Exit, Mannheim

L’espace de l’autre, Centre d’art et photographie de Lectoure

on-off-on, Naspa, Wiesbaden


Mindscapes, gallery Ilka Bree, Bordeaux (solo)

Nouvelles Aquisitions 2011, Arthothèque de Pessac

Preview Berlin, gallery Ilka Bree, Berlin

Déballées, Gallery Ilka Bree, Bordeaux

Cést le bon, 18:52, Offenbach



2017-2018 Olympus recommended scholarship, foam Amsterdam/ Deichtorhallen Hamburg / FFF Fotografie Forum Frankfurt

2018 Karl Schmidt-Rottluff fellowship (finalist)

2017 Dieecke Haus residency, Santiago de Chile

2016 IEPA residency, Hendaye

2015 catalogue grant, Kulturamt Frankfurt

2015 Galeri/MIZ residency, Istanbul

2014 Pix Virginia shortlist, Paris

2013 scholarship Künstlerhilfe Frankfurt

2012 Deutsche Börse and HfG Offenbach photo award


Public Collections

George Eastman Museum, USA

Fondazione Fotografia Modena, Italy

Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation, Germany

Art Collection DZ Privatbank, Germany

Schufa Art Collection, Germany

Artothèque de Pessac, France

Artothèque de Pau, France

Artothèque du Limousin, France



2018 Collage, Fotogalerie Wien ISBN: 978-3-902725-44-8

2018 recommended, Deichtorhallen Hamburg, Foam Amsterdam, Fotografie Forum Frankfurt, Olympus Germany

2018 Farbraumwelten Schufa Kunstsammlung, ISBN: 978-3-00-058906-5

2017 Out of Office, MKK Museum für Konkrete Kunst, Ingolstadt, ISBN: 978-3-939855-51-4

2017 On Traces and Tides, Lilly Lulay, Basis FFM/Nekatoenea residency ISBN: 978-3-9812487-4-6

2016 Mindscapes, Lilly Lulay, Revolver publishing, ISBN 978-3-95763-346-0

2016 A Matter of Memory: Photography as Object in the Digital Age, George Eastman Museum, ISBN: 9780935398182

2016 Circulation(s), Festival of Young European Photography, Bec en l’air, Paris, ISBN 978-2-36744-092-7,

2016 European Month of Photography, Kulturprojekte Berlin

2015 Contemporary Photography from North-Western Europe
Fondazione Fotografia di Modena, Skira

2014 Construction d´Images, self-published

2013 Lichtbilder, solo-exhibition catalogue, Opelvillen, Rüsselsheim

2013 All Hands Manöver, exhibition catalogue, Kunstverein Speyer

2012 Krankheit Natur, Hate Magazin#9

2012 Traces to find-Things to explore, exhib. cat., FAK Münster

2012 Spieglein, Spieglein, exhib. cat., collab. HfG OF / Goethe University Frankfurt

2012 Überqualifiziertes Material, exhibition catalogue, Kunstraum EXIT, Mannheim

2012 on-off-on, Naspa, exhibtion catalogue, Wiesbaden



2014 Diploma with juries mention

University of Art and Design Offenbach, Germany

Fine Art Photography: Prof. Martin Liebscher
Sculpture: Prof. Wolfgang Luy
Media Sociology: Prof. Dr. Marc Ries
The Facebook profile picture as a contemporary form of photographic portraiture

2008 - 2009

École des Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux, France